WOSM Oil-Water Condensate Separator

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WOSM water oil separators have been specifically developed to separate lubricant oil from condensate generated in compressed air systems. Due to patented technology, regular service can be done in 30 seconds without any cleaning. Separation begins in cyclonic depressurization chamber and continues into the filter cartridge.  When the filter cartridge is fully saturated you just simply unscrew complete cartridge and replace it with new one. All the condensate stays in the old cartridge which can also be sealed with plastic cover and disposed according to local, state and federal laws.

Applications                                                                                                                                                           Compressed air systems

Suitable for installation inside compressors                                                        

Technical Specifications 

Operating Temperatures: 35 – 149 degrees F   

Media Type: air, water, oil – non-aggressive, emulsifiable                                                

Residual oil content: less than < 20ppm (parts per million)                                                                         


Housing material:  Pa6 30%Glass fiber (Aluminum)

Transparent part:  Acryl

Fittings:  Steel, Anodized

Sealing:  NBR

Filter material:  PP (polypropylene), Active carbon

Bonding:  Polyurethane

Product Data

Model                                                            WOSM

Max. Capacity of compressed air [scfm]        78.0

Hot climate zone (100°F, 100% Rh)               43,75

Max oil adsorption [ounces]                            47.26 oz

Max condensate flow [gallons/hour]: 1.8 gallons per hour

Number of inlet connections: 1

Number of outlet connection: 1

Connection type:  Push-in fitting for hose 8mm


A [inches] 31.88”

B [inches] 4.17”

C [inches] 3.14”

D [inches] 26.37”

E [inches] 1.96”