7055, Air Saver Timer Controlled Valve with Remote


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All compressed air systems have leaks. Pipe connections, condensate drains, instruments, hoses and fittings - all of these are potential leak points, and these leaks can be expensive. They cause your compressor to operate even when you aren’t there, cycling on and off to maintain pressure during evenings and weekends when it isn’t required. Even a small 1/8” hole can cost more than $2,000 a year in electricity due to increased compressor run time. The Air Saver is a simple timed valve that isolates your compressor and compressed air storage tank from the rest of your compressed air system. Using a programmable timer, it opens just before each shift starts and closes just after each shift ends, ensuring you never lose valuable compressed air to leaks. Even if you turn your compressor off at the end of the day, leaks will consume all the air in your compressed air storage tank, requiring you to re-pressurize the tank again the next morning. The Air Saver isolates your storage tank ensuring it remains at full pressure, ready for the following day, saving both time and energy.


Fully automatic operation

Maintenance free design

Programmable microprocessor

Easy to read LED display

Simple push button controls

Remote control option

Slow opening ball valve

Air & energy saving


Just set it and forget it

Long service life with no maintenance needs

7-day program to match your work week

Shows the program and current time

Easy to program and adjust

Allows you to manually actuate the valve

Prevents rapid pressure changes

Pays for itself in reduced power cost

Technical Specifications

Max operating Pressure: 230 PSIG

Inlet Connection Sizes: 1" NPT (F) or 2" NPT (F)

Outlet Connection Sizes: 1" NPT (F) or 2" NPT (F)

Valve Type: Full ported ball valve

Body Material: Nickel Plated Brass

Ball Material: Stainless Steel

Seal Material: FPM

Timer Settings: Open / Close Time: 70 seconds / 105 seconds

Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 33 to 140 degrees F 

Medium Operating Temperature Range: 33 to 212 degrees F

Electrical Supply Voltage Options: 115 VAC or 230 VAC

Power Consumption: 7 Watts

Electrical Protection: Nema 12 (IP54)

Please select the appropriate size and voltage when ordering