1020 Tec-11 Condensate Drain


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The TEC-11 is a compact low profile drain specifically designed for installation under a filter housing or in other tight locations. With a vertical flow and wide, short design, theTEC-11 is the perfect addition to any compressed air filter or dental compressor. Choose between a maximum operating pressure of either 230 or 300 psig, ⅛” or ¼” inlet and outlet connections and a wide range of voltage options. With a simple to program adjustable electronic timer, test feature, LED on/off indication, and direct acting valve, the TEC-11 provides reliable cost effective condensate removal from any size filter or compressor.

Perfect for installations with

• Compressed air filters

• Dental compressors

• Space limitations



 Compact low profile design

 No balance line required

 Built in test function

LED status lights

 230 or 300 psig design pressure

Serviceable direct acting valve

Adjustable timed operation



Perfect for filters or dental compressors

Does not air-lock during operation

Manually activate drain & verify operation

Visual verification of drain status

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Inexpensive to maintain

Fits any equipment at any flow rate



Maximum Compressor Capacity: Unlimited

Inlet / Outlet Connection Options:  ⅛” & ¼” NPT (F)

Discharge Valve Orifice Diameter:  2 mm

Type:  2/2 Way Direct Acting

Valve Body Material: Brass

Seal Material Viton: (FPM)

Operating Pressure:  Minimum 0 psig

                                      Maximum:  Standard: 230 psig

                                                           Optional: 300 psig

Condensate Temperature:

                                                         Minimum 34F

                                                         Maximum 122F

Voltage Options:

                              DC 24 VDC

                              AC 24, 115, 230 or 380 VAC

Timer Range:

                       Open 2 seconds (fixed)

                       Closed 1 to 120 minutes

Power Connection: DIN 43650-A

Electrical Enclosure: NEMA 4 / IP65