POD-TD Pneumatically Operated Drain

$260.00 $250.00

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Designed specifically for compressed air

applications where electricity is difficult to

provide, the POD-TD level sensed

condensate drain provides effective and

efficient condensate removal, yet requires no

electrical power.

A newly developed 3/2-way level controlled

valve principle operates a direct cylinder

valve, discharging the condensate

automatically from your system. There is no

unnecessary compressed air lost during this


The POD-TD meets the demand of virtually

every application regardless of the

condensate flow, covering compressed air

systems up to 3500 CFM, including receiver


Max. compressor capacity - 3500 CFM.

Min./max. system pressure - 44 / 230 PSI

Valve type  - Direct acting

Valve orifice - 6.o mm

Valve seals -  FPM

Inlet connection - 1/2” NPT (3 inlet options)

Outlet connection - 1/4”

Inlet height - 4,7" (top), 3,8" (side top), 0,6" (side bottom)

Min. medium temperature  - 34 °F

Max. medium temperature - 122 °F


No electricity required

No control air required

No balance line required

Sight glass level indicator-Optional

Built in test function

Integrated mesh strainer*

Wide discharge orifice

Multiple inlet ports

Rugged aluminum housing


Easy to install

No operating cost

Perfect for all applications, especially those where electricity is not available

Easily monitor the condensate level and verify proper performance

Reliable operation even with particles or heavily emulsified condensate

Connect to multiple collection points

Lightweight, yet strong and durable

Easy to install in tight locations

With step by step maintenance instructions