ECD-B Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain


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ECD-B series have been developed for fully automatic discharging of condensate or any other non-aggressive fluid from compressed air system. The units can be installed as external drain on any application specified. Condensate accumulates in the collecting reservoir and when the level is high enough condensate is being discharged from the system without any air losses. Fluid level is detected by precise capacitive level sensor. Special self-cleaning direct acting valve assures reliable operating. ECD-B series is also equipped with operation alarm, led indicator, test button and internal strainer. ECD-B series can be used in variety of applications.


• air compressor (piston or screw)

• after-cooler

• cyclone condensate separator

• pressure vessel/air tank

• air dryer

• air filter

Technical Specifications 

Operating temperature Range: 35 – 149 degrees F 

Operating Pressure: 0 – 232 PSIG 

Weight: 2.25 lbs

Drain Capacity at 100 PSIG:

Model ECD15B – 3.96 gallons per hour

Model ECD40B – 10.57 gallons per hour

Model ECD90B – 23.78 gallons per hour

Model ECD150B – 39.63 gallons per hour

Inlet Connection: ½” NPT

Outlet Connection: 8mm push connector

Dimensions  A    x   B    x   C:

ECD15B    4.72” x 3.22” x 4.92”

ECD40B    4.72” x 3.22” x 4.92”

ECD90B    4.72” x 3.22” x 5.11”

ECD150B  4.72” x 3.22” x 5.90”

Condensate Types:  Air, Water, Oil

Voltage: 115/60/1 VAC  

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