CTI16B Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain

$290.00 $260.00

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CDI16B has been developed for fully automatic discharging of condensate or any other nonaggressive fluid from compressed air system. The unit can be installed as external drain on any application specified below. Condensate accumulates in the collecting vessel and when the level is high enough condensate is being discharged from the system without any air losses. Electronic control system has a precise capacitive level sensor through which is controlled solenoid piston valve. A special self-cleaning piston valve prevents disturbing the function of CDI16B caused by debris. CDI16B is also equipped with operation alarm, led indicator and test button.

    Technical Specification

Voltage:1 15 VAC 115 V ± 10 %

Frequency 60 Hz

Operating pressure: 0 - 232 psi

Drain capacity: 45 l/h (0,0235 scfm)

Operating temperature range: 35-149 °F

Inlet connection  1/2’’

Outlet connection  1/8’’

Power interface 3 × 0,75 mm2

Protection class IP54

Mass [lbs] 2.09 lbs

Dimensions A × B × C [inches] 4.52” × 3.34” × 6.49”