4003BL Tec-44 Timer Controller Condensate Drain


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The TEC-44 is the optimum condensate drain for difficult applications with high condensate flows and heavy particulate loads. With a wide, uncloggable ball valve operated by a powerful motor, and battery back-up for power outages, the TEC-44 provides reliable, unstoppable condensate removal when other drains have failed. With an operating pressure range of up to 720 psig, and connection size 1/2”, the TEC-44 has a virtually unlimited capacity, making it suitable for any compressed air application using any type of compressor. The TEC-44 is controlled via a microprocessor with nine selectable timer settings. An LED indicator indicates the program selected, while a valve open light confirms drain operation. When you need reliable condensate removal, no other drain provides peace of mind like the TEC-44

 Perfect for installations with:

• Heavy rust, scale or debris

• High operating pressures

• High condensate flow rates

• Corrosive environments

• Frequently blocked drains


Powerful actuator

Large discharge orifice

No balance line required

Adjustable timed operation

Optional battery backup

Built in test function

LED status lights

LED program indicator

Remote contacts


Does not clog - ever

Perfect for difficult applications with high particulate loading

Does not air-lock during operation

Fits any equipment at any flow rate

Closes valve during a power outage

Manually activate drain & verify operation

Visual verification of drain status

Choose from 9 pre-set programs

Can be operated via a remote signal

    Technical Specifications

Maximum Compressor Capacity: Unlimited

Inlet / Outlet Connection Options: ½” NPT

Discharge Valve Orifice Diameter: 12 mm

Type: Motorized ball valve

Valve Body Material:

                                Standard: Nickle plated brass                

Valve Ball Material: Stainless steel

Seal Material: Viton (FPM) & Teflon

Operating Pressure:

                               Minimum 0 psig

                               Maximum 720 psig

Condensate Temperature:

                               Minimum 34F

                               Maximum 140F

Voltage Options:

                               DC 12 or 24 VDC

                               AC 24, 115, 230 or 380 VAC

Timer Range:

                              Open 3 ½ seconds to 15 minutes

                              Closed 4 minutes to 24 hours

Battery Backup 4 x AA 1.5V batteries

Electrical Enclosure NEMA 4 / IP65