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The LF-SU-H4 is a 4 port pressure switch is used to control tank pressure. It has adjustable settings with a minimum close / cut-in of 50 psig and a max open / cut-out of 175 psig with a differential range of 35-55 psig. The pressure switch is suitable for a single phase 115V 1-1/2 HP motor, a single phase 230V 2 HP motor, and a 3 phase 230V 3 HP motor. Factory setting are 145-175 psig. The pressure switch includes an on/off lever and un-loader.


• Corrosion Resistant and Non Metallic Cover

• Ample Wiring Room

• 2 Ground Screw

• Visible Contact

• Easy to Adjust

• No Drift Pressure Setting

• Automatic Unloader Valve Standard

• No Wire Looping

• Pulsation Dampener Standard

• Captive Cover Screw

• On/Off Lever Standard

Available Models

LF-SU-L1   single port     95-125 psig

LF-SU-H1   single port  145-175 psig

LF-SU-L4   four port        95-125 psig

LF-SU-H4   four port     145-175 psig