LeFoo LF16 Water Pressure Switch Sales Brochure PDF Click Here

LF16 pressure switch is designed to be reliable for control of automatic water systems. The switch is universal and can be used on any equipment such as water well pumps or pumping systems. The Pressure Switch is preset to cut on at 40 psig and cut off at 60 psig. The pressure differential is 15-35 psig. The min on /cut in is 20 psig the max off / cut out is 80 psig. The switch is rated for 1.5 horsepower at 120/1/60 VAC, 2 horsepower at 240/1/60 VAC, 3 horsepower 240/3/60 VAC. ¼” Female NPT connection. Contact arrangement is normally closed. The pressure switch is UL and CUL approved.