PURO-CT125 Oil / Water Condensate Separator

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The PURO-CT 125 use two stages of treatment to separate difficult condensate. With a specially treated polypropylene element and a carbon polisher, you can count on reliable and cost effective condensate separation performance regardless of the type of lubricant or drains you use. These models provide compact, cost effective condensate separation without the need for a settling tank, and include useful features like a sample port and bottle, an overflow indicator to avoid messy spills, and brass threaded connections and adapters. Upgrade to the PURO-CT and discover reliable condensate separation in a small package


No settling chamber or storage tank required

Can separate any type of lubricant

Can be used with any type of drain

Brass threaded inserts & adapters

Foam mesh depressurization filter

Overflow warning indicator

Two stages of treatment

Multiple lightweight media bags                                                                                                                                      Polypropylene carbonate housing

BENEFITS                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Eliminates health & safety concerns

Performance is not affected by movement

Including modern synthetic lubricants or even emulsified mixtures

Including all condensate drains

For reliable inlet and outlet piping or tubing connections, and a secure lid

Slows incoming condensate and cleanly discharges compressed air

Avoids spills in the event of a blockage

A polypropylene element and a carbon polisher for optimum performance

Comply with OSHA lifting requirements

Strong and corrosion proof construction

Technical Specifications

Puro-CT Models: CT125     

Max Compressor Capacity (SCFM): 125         

Max Oil Adsorption Capacity (Gallons): 0.8 gal   

Inlet Connection: 1/2" NPT threaded or hose barb

Outlet Connection: 1/2" NPT threaded or hose barb

Housing Material: Polyethylene


Model        CT125    

Width         18.3"            

Depth           9.8"       

Height        15.6"          

Weight     15.4 lbs     

Order the standard CT125 models to separate oil types:                                                                                                                

Mineral oils, synthetic oils, stable condensate emulsions

Order the optional CT125HP models to separate condensate types:                                                                         

Polyglycol oils