3954 Mag-11


Mag-11 Magnetic Condensate Drain PDF Click Here

The MAG 11 is the optimum choice in compact energy saving condensate drains and is perfectly suited for compressed air dryers and piston compressors. The MAG 11 operates using a magnetic level sensor, operating a direct acting valve, providing energy saving zero air loss operation without the need for a power supply. The side inlet offers simple installation for either refrigerated air dryers and piston compressors.

Perfect for installations with:

• No available power supply

• Expensive electrical costs

• An unreliable power supply

• Electrical power limitations


No electricity required

No control air required

Top & side inlet ports

Wide discharge orifice

Rugged aluminum housing

Compact modern design 

Serviceable components



  • Zero air loss during the condensate discharge.

  • Compact rugged corrosion resistant aluminium housing

  • No electricity required to operate the Mag-11

  • Magnetically operated with industrial heavy duty magnets

  • Serviceable direct acting valve

  • For simplicity of installation, the bottom can be rotated to meet any installation needs

Technical Specification

                                                                                          Maximum Condensate Capacity (at 100 psig) 52 gallons / hour

Discharge Valve: Orifice Diameter 2.0 mm

Direct Acting Stainless Steel Valve Assembly

Seal Material Viton (FPM)

Operating Pressure:

                               Minimum 0 psig

                               Maximum 230 psig

Condensate Temperature:

                               Minimum 35 F

                               Maximum 122 F


                              Inlet 1/2” NPT (F)

                              Outlet 1/8” NPT (F) or hose barb

Inlet Port Height:

                              Top Port 4.055in

                              Side Port 3.465 in

                              Housing Material Aluminum